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Keeping a little Windows

You may find that, while free, open source software (FOSS) can replace most of your commercial software, there are some exceptions. In my case, I found that the Linux world doesn't offer anything that truly replaces Quickbooks. If you have one or two Windows applications you just can't give up, consider installing Ubuntu as your main operating system, with just a little space left for Windows. It's called dual partitioning, and it's fairly easy, if you proceed with caution.

Before you begin, be sure to back up your Windows files and make a Windows recovery drive or set of discs, in case you pass your computer along to some one who isn't FOSS-friendly.

The same bootable USB flash drive or DVD you used to try out Ubuntu will serve as an installation medium. Near the beginning of the installation process, there is a screen which allows you to choose to run both Ubuntu and Windows, and to choose the size of each partition, using a simple graphical tool.

Once your dual partition is set up, instead of boot directly into either Ubuntu or Windows, you'll start at the Linux boot manager screen, where you'll choose your operating system for the current session. To switch operating systems requires restarting.

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